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Conservative investors deem secondary market annuities as great low-risk investment options with opportunities for higher gains.
The secondary market is a vehicle by which owners desiring a lump-sum cash payment sell their future payment streams guaranteed by their structured settlements, annuity payments, or lottery prize winnings at a substantially discounted price.  Secondary Market Annuities (“SMAs”) are basically the “re-sale” of these guaranteed payment streams. These payments are guaranteed and paid by highly-rated, U.S.-based insurance companies or state lottery commissions, giving investors peace of mind due to their exceptional performance record and proven reliability of the investment’s safety. We only offer SMAs backed by companies with an established track record, reputation, and proven stability.
The exceptional yields provided by SMAs result from investors seizing the opportunity to purchase payment streams at substantial discounts due to the seller’s immediate cash needs and willingness to accept less than the full value in exchange for a lump sum, and not due to the insurance company paying higher declared rates.  Click here for examples.
Although SMAs provide exceptional rates of return in any market without additional risks, the process of purchasing structured settlements can be risky if not performed correctly. Our team of experienced Advisors and our well-regarded outside counsel bring you the unsurpassed, comprehensive due diligence required to ensure a well-structured and properly documented SMA purchase of the highest investment quality.   Read More